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Physicians & Staff

All services are performed at the UC, Irvine Medical Center. Dr. Joel Gelman, is the Director of the Center for Reconstructive Urology. In addition, world-renowned physicians with expertise in other sub-specialties in Urology and in other specialties including Plastic, Colo-Rectal, Orthopedic, and Pediatric surgery and Anesthesiology work together as certain complex problems require a multidisciplinary approach.

Those who contribute to ongoing clinical and basic science research related to urethral and penile/genital disorders include Ph.D.s, research fellows, Urology residents, and medical students.

Dr. Gelman has been fortunate to have the privilege of working with the same team of outstanding, highly trained, and experienced OR, ultrasound, and X-ray technician staff for over 13 years. Office Manager Denise Calhoun oversees all clinical care at the Center for Reconstructive Urology.

Dr Joel Gelman formal portrait

Joel Gelman, M.D

Director, Reconstructive Urology

Dr. Gelman has performed over 700 male urethral/penile reconstructive surgeries and is the only Urologist in Southern California who:

  • Completed a fellowship exclusively devoted to male urethral and penile reconstructive surgery, and…
  • Is exclusively specialized in male urethral and penile/genital reconstruction.