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Penile Revascularization

What is Penile Revascularizaton?

Penile revascularization is a surgery to improve blood flow to the penis. An artery located in the lower abdomen called the inferior epigastric artery is mobilized and then connected (the connection is called an anastomosis) to an artery at the base of the top of the penis (proximal dorsal penis) called the dorsal artery. This surgery is not indicated for the vast majority of men with erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile dysfunction related to diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis and other conditions generally have diffuse vascular disease and would not benefit from this surgery. This surgery is most appropriate for men who sustain pelvic fracture trauma and suffer associated vascular injuries that reduce blood flow to his otherwise normal penis. This surgery is performed at our Center by Dr. Gelman and Dr. Mark Kobayashi, a microvascular surgeon at UC, Irvine Medical Center.

Penile revascularization

The epigastric artery is connected to the dorsal artery of the penis, increasing blood flow to the penis.

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