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Urethral Stricture

Posterior urethroplasty patient interview

Posterior Urethroplasty

Auto Accident with Urethral Tear (Urethral Obliteration) Mr. M.F. was initially managed with a tube placed in his bladder, and the doctors at a major University Medical Center told him he would need to place a catheter through his severed urethra several times a day and nothing else could be done. He then discovered his [...]
Straddle urethral trauma patient interview

Straddle Urethral Trauma

Straddle Injury Stricture Cured After Decades of Failed Surgeries Mr. Robert Kealhofer suffered a straddle injury and underwent over 20 surgeries over a period of decades including dilations, incisions (called direct vision internal urethrotomy), open surgery, and a stent. All surgeries failed. He was referred to the Center for Reconstructive Urology. He underwent a successful [...]
Stent urethrotomy failure patient interview

Stent Urethrotomy Failure

Blood Transfusion after Urethrotomy then Stent Failure Mr. P.S. had a urethral stricture that probably was initially short and could have been easily repaired with a single surgery if properly performed. Instead, he was managed for many years with catheterization and dilation. Diagnostic urethral imaging was never performed prior to treatment. During a failed attempt [...]
Urethral obliteration patient interview

Urethral Obliteration

A Life Changing Procedure Mr. G. W. suffered from urethral stricture disease for decades as he was treated with countless dilations and direct vision internal urethrotomy (DVIU) 31 times under anesthesia until his urethra became totally obliterated and he required a drainage tube in his bladder. He was then referred to the Center for Reconstructive [...]
Urethroplasty patient interview


“Lets Do Another Dilation” Mr. P. W. was treated for his urethral stricture disease by a number of Urologists with multiple failed dilations and internal incisions, called direct vision internal urethrotomy. He was never offered the alternative of an open repair, and then discovered on the internet that a cure was available. He was then [...]
Failed penile flap patient interview

Failed Penile Flap

Bulbar Urethral Stricture Surgery Complications Mr. A.S. had a bulbar stricture. He was treated with numerous dilations with sounds, 4 failed laser internal urethrotomy surgeries, and then ( failed open urethroplasty using a skin graft from his arm. He then had a penile skin flap surgery. His legs were in stirrups and he developed the [...]
BXO stricture patient interview

BXO Stricture

23 cm BXO Stricture Repaired Mr. E.M. was treated for a urethral stricture for many years with many dilations and 11 internal incisions. The stricture was caused by a disease called Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO), also called Lichen Sclerosus. This stricture often starts at the urethral opening, and when there is a delay in diagnosis [...]
Bulbar stricture patient interview

Bulbar Stricture

Fear of Urethroplasty Unfounded Mr. C. M. suffered a straddle injury and was managed for 30 years with painful dilations and self dilation. When, after years of suffering, he was advised to consider surgery at the Center for Reconstructive Urology, he believed that surgery was drastic and continued with dilations until he simply could not [...]

Making The Right Choice for Urethral Stricture Treatment

A very important point is that before any stricture treatment is performed, such as dilation, forceful advancement of a cystoscope through a stricture (where the scope is used as a dilation tool rather than a diagnostic instrument), or an internal urethrotomy, informed consent is required. Proper informed consent can only be obtained when the patient [...]

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